Create, mix and control your music with a simple hand gesture.

Specktr is a wireless midi controller based on a glove that creates an outstanding intuitiveness and expression, bringing you a revolutionary visual public interaction in live performance. 

It is a complete and compact instrument that allows you to play and modulate the music on many software and applications.

More than 1500 and simultaneous different controls

Specktr possibilities are almost infinite and enhance your music perception with over 1500 fully customizable MIDI controls.


Specktr recognizes gestures of your hand to stick as much as possible to natural movement.


Specktr offers a less than 5ms latency for seamless response to the musician gestures.

Plug and Play

Based on the MIDI BLE protocol, Specktr is compatible with all your software and music applications on Mac , Ipad and Iphone.

Specktr comes in two different models : Specktr Play and Specktr Pro :

Specktr Play

Specktr Play is for MIDI Controllers beginners and music fans.

It allows you to easily connect to dozens of applications and music software to learn, play and mix your music in a simple and intuitive way.

Specktr Pro

Specktr Pro is designed for musicians and professional artists. With its intuitive and complete application you can set each and every gesture of your hands. Hence you can create a customised midi controller for your dedicated needs.

For live performances, for studio or to compose your own music while travelling, Specktr is the dream tool.

How does it works?

The Specktr Play and the Specktr Pro controllers are made of:
  • A glove with textile sensors to detect the position of your fingers. Each combination of the hand can be associated with a MIDI control, allowing you hundreds of possibilities.


A electronic unit to recognize the accurate movements of your hand. Specktr detects many predefined gestures to ease your experience.


Hit to trigger a more or less significant sound depending on the force of your strike.


Make a gesture from bottom to top to modulate the sound or a volume.


Turn from left to right to control precisely your sound effect.

Trigger pad

Trigger dozens of notes or samples with a simple touch between your fingers

Combinations are multiples:

each finger touch combination can be associated with multiple gestures and each of these gestures can be assigned to a single MIDI command.

These MIDI command are then transmitted via Bluetooth to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

On the top of that, you have 4 custom configuration modes with a simple gesture for even more controls opportunities.

Change mode

Change modes with a simple gesture to switch to 4 independent configurations.

Program your Specktr with the dedicated provided application.

Specktr’s application allows you to change the controls into the glove in a very easy way.

With Specktr Play, preview and download all the available configurations for your favorite software.

We will offer pre-set configuration for different types of use (percussion, mixer, master keyboard ...) but also for your favorite software and applications.

You can, in a single click, change the controls of your Specktr Play to fit in dozens of applications and music software.

You can also control synthesizer applications, sequencers, batteries, DJ software, mixers, loopers and hundreds of other MIDI applications to enhance the best music experience you will ever have.


With Specktr Pro you can create your own controller to fit your special needs.

Combine intuitively the hand position, gesture and the wished MIDI control to create a complete custom MIDI controller up to 1500 combination.

You can also modify an existing pre-set dedicated software configuration by simply changing the MIDI controls or finger positions.

Eventually you will have more options in choosing the resolution and accuracy of the detection of your gestures to allow you a perfect expression based on your own personal gestures.

Specktr is compatible with all applications and DAW software that supports MIDI. Hereafter are some examples:


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